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4:30pm  /  9:30pm

Opening words
Supernaturals Canonverse panel

Art of Destiel panel

Meta 101 panel

Alternative Realities

1 pm EST  /  6 pm UTC
Opening words
Supernaturals Canonverse panel

2:10pm EST  /  7:10pm UTC
Art of Destiel panel

3:20pm  EST /  8:20pm UTC
Meta 101 panel

4:30pm  EST /  9:30pm UTC
Alternative Realities

There will be 10-15 minutes breaks between panels.
Apart from the start time, other beginning times may be subject to change.

Attending the mini-con

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Meet our panelists

Supernatural Canonverse


Cass Cooper is an Australian writer/artist living in LA. Most days, you can find her on Twitter breaking down over Dean, or complaining about writer’s block. Sometimes, just for fun, she does both simultaneously.

Cass has been a part of the Supernatural fandom for over a decade, and has tried her hand at most types of fanwork. She writes fics on AO3 and is the founding mod of the Dean/Cas Pinefest.

She also creates fanart, posts meta and nonsense, & has recently dipped her toe into the world of fanvids as well.


Julie is a fanfic author. She has written for multiple fandoms since 2004, including Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Shameless, and Venom.

She joined the Supernatural fandom in 2013 and absolutely loves Dean and Cas. The finale is dead to her.

Outside fandom, she is working on a MA degree in history. She loves noir novels, 90s music, and road trips. She lives in Los Angeles with three cats.


Ash (LoversAntiquities) is an author of southern gothic and paranormal fiction.

Born and raised in Georgia, they spend their time either writing or working with various crafts, and aspire to publish original works in the near future.

Northern Sparrow

Northern Sparrow is a scientist by day, a musician, writer & fangirl by night.

She has written 60+ professional science pieces & original fic, which she considers to have been training wheels for fanfic (12 SPN fanfics and counting). She is ancient and witnessed the birth of the stars.

Art of Destiel


Henrie is a 22 year old artist from Norway, who is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree in project management.

She’s been watching Supernatural since 2012 and started making fanart for the show in 2021.

Liz Lee

Liz Lee is a Montreal-based graphic designer, published illustrator, fangirl, foodie, cat and dog lady and full-time geek with a sordid anime past.

She enjoys comics, fandoms of all kinds, writing and exploring mental health-related and lgbtqia+ themes. Can be found slurping on oat milk lattes whilst talking to her dog Misha aloud in public.


Scarlett Dixon (she/they) is a self-taught artist in Alberta, Canada, who works as an environmentalist biologist. In their free time they create digital paintings of characters from various fandoms.

While they started watching SPN when it aired, Scarlett began making SPN fan art after the finale. They also love video games, fishing, camping, hiking, reading, and spending time with their family.

Jackie Dee

Jackie Dee, also known as winchester-reload, is an artist from the Pacific Northwest whose infatuation with one epic love story ignited her passion for creativity, community, and self-expression.

Find her art online on IG, Twitter, Tumblr, and more !!

Meta 101


Rose is a meta-analyst and has been in various fandoms for over 20 years, including The X-Files, Buffy, QaF, bandom, and SPN. Pursuing an interest in fandom and audience studies, she obtained a post graduate degree in cultural studies.

She was in SPN fandom from s1-5, watched s6-7 casually, and then didn’t watch another episode until 15×01 when she decided it would be “fun” to watch the last season “for nostalgia.” Now speculation about the behind the scenes of s15 keeps her up at night.


Mittens has been watching Supernatural on a loop for over a decade, and writing about it for nearly as long.

You may know her via such tumblr tags as “the scheherazade of supernatural,” “revenge of the subtext,” and “spiders georg of the tnt loop.”

After years of typing about her endless rewatch, she’s currently yelling out loud about every episode as @SPNgeorg.


Michelle Crowley has never read a SPN fanfic in her life and is fine with that. Most days you can find her deep within the halls of academia, doomscrolling through TW, pretending to work.

Dr. Vivien

Dr. Vivien (JD, not MD) is a lifelong fan of many entities and fan objects, including the Monkees, C.S. Lewis, MST3K, The Fandom That Shall Not Be Named, Inception/Tom Hardy and Supernatural. They are a transformative fan who has been transformed by every fandom they’ve engaged with, and have used fandom as a form of self-therapy for years, with fairly successful results.

Alternative Realities


Followyourenergy learned about a little thing called “fanfic” in 2017. After reading a few stories, she wrote her own fic about her ideal end for Supernatural. Since then, she’s written nearly fifty Destiel fanfics.

She enjoys writing stories that explore our shared human experience and the emotional complexities of people’s relationships with themselves and others.


MandalaRose aka Manda, was a member of the elusive SPN “general audience,” until a charming monster hunter with the emotional intelligence of a turnip gave a mixtape to his socially awkward but devastatingly handsome angel “buddy.”

She fell head-first into the world of Destiel fanfiction as soon as the episode credits rolled and has been writing her own fic since 2018.

Manda has 23 works posted on Ao3, including fan-favorites, “Stay With Me, Sweetheart” and “Cupcakes and Kittens” and series alternate ending, “The End is Where We Begin.”


Tricia has been writing Destiel fanfiction since she joined the fandom in 2017. She continues to live up to her fan-given title of “Queen of Fluff” with over 50 completed stories and another one in the works.

Tricia considers “fluffy smut” and dialogue to be her specialty, but the stories she’s written featuring Dean and Cas having children seem to be most beloved within the fandom.


Mal wears an alarming number of hats: finance manager, professional copyeditor, and writer for Nerds & Beyond. She also hosts a Destiel podcast with EllenofOz and runs a big bang event, along with several other fandom projects.

Given all that, even she is not quite sure exactly how she found time to write over 2 million words of Destiel fanfiction in the last couple of years. Nonetheless, she did, and she now has 65+ works posted on AO3.

Mal loves encouraging new writers, making new friends, and binging 100k word fanfics in the bathtub with the door closed. Outside of fandom, Mal enjoys traveling, playing D&D, and developing unhealthy attachments to queer book characters.

All of Mal’s extensive projects can be found on their linktree!

Meet our moderators


Ellen is a reader, beta-reader, and writer of Destiel fanfiction, as well as a co-host of the Mixtape Book Club Podcast. She lives in Brisbane, Australia, where she can usually be found dreaming about far-off places and fallen angels.
Ellen will be moderating the Alternative Realities panel


Chrisha is a lifelong fangirl and mental health therapist with a PhD in Human Behavior. She loves using fiction and fandom as tools for therapeutic healing, and can often be found advocating for mental health and queer representation in fiction (amid screaming about Destiel).
Chrisha will be moderating the Meta 1010 panel.


Valerie Gritsch is a New York based artist, disability activist, and fan studies academic. Her life quite simply revolves around fandom. Since Supernatural’s ending, her drawings have largely been inspired by the show and Destiel in general. She’s probably off somewhere being too excited about something.

Valerie will be moderating the Art of Destiel panel.