A More Profound Con is a fan-run convention, free of actors and focused on fanworks & fandom creatives.

Join us on March 12th from 1 to 6 p.m. EST for the first ever A More Profound Con event–a mini-con zoom webinar focused on fan creators and transformative works, mostly in the Destiel subfandom (though multi-shippers are welcome!) 

Attendance will be limited, so be sure to register early!

Speakers at this event will include fanfic authors (of both AU and canon universe), meta writers, and fan artists, and we’ll be sharing our full list of guests and panels on Twitter over the coming days.

While this event is free to attend, attendees and supporters may enter a charity raffle with proof of donation of $1USD or more to Random Acts or The Trevor Project. Each dollar donated is an additional chance to win prizes including:

– A podfic of the winners choice (under 20k words, and with author permission) from NerdyNerdenstein aka @DustyLCanon
– Stickers and notecards from Valerie Gritsch
– A copy of @lizleeships recent art book
– Commissioned art by JackieDeeArt aka @winchester-reload
– Pinefest logo notebook & stickers from @deancaspinefest 
– An art print bundle from @scarlettmichkat

DM us on Twitter, or shoot an email to info@amoreprofoundcon.org with any questions (or to submit a donation screenshot for raffle entry!)

Registration is FREE & begins on March 5th.

Follow us for updates on registration, guest details, and more!