A More Profound Con for 4-6 November 2022 has been postponed (TBD).

The Profound Con team is a fan-focused, volunteer-run nonprofit organization planning online and in-person (see Cincin 2023 for more information) Supernatural conventions featuring fanworks and meta analysis.
We aim to celebrate fandom creatives and all the energy, spirit, time and work they give to Supernatural and to the fans who enjoy and appreciate their work.
This is a fan-run convention centering on fanworks (not actors or show writers). The aim is to bring together Destiel creators and fans to celebrate and analyze both the story and what we have made of the story. While the convention is Destiel focused, we encourage shippers of all varieties to join in and present and discuss their work.
Existing Supernatural cons are great and fun, but are absent places where the fantastic writers, artists and others who give lasting life to fandom could reside. This is the purpose of A More Profound Con – to honor, center on and celebrate fandom creatives; the artists, writers, vidders, podcasters, meta analysis folks and everyone who takes the stories of Supernatural into their hearts and transforms them into something new.
This is our “Thank you!” to these talented, wonderful people!



How to contact us

In case you have any questions or suggestion, you can reach us at info@amoreprofoundcon.org

About our graphics

We would like to thank our wonderful graphic designer Mary for creating our logo and header images. You can find her via her Linktree.